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And when all has been said and done, there still is a lot left to be said and done.


The fault lines within is a collection of short stories.  I have always felt more comfortable writing a novel than a short story. With a novel, you don’t have a word constraint but, with a short story, you have a word limit to say it all, and that is complicated, but there’s something unique about a book of short stories; you can fill it with more heart and soul than you can in a novel. You can share more and bring out more.

Why, Fault Lines?

You will know as you sift through these pages. As you read one story after another, you will find a common thread binding them, a fault line that runs through us all and which somehow unites us rather than breaking us apart.

A story is never written; it is formed. It evolves in the deepest recesses of a writer’s mind when she stumbles upon an idea, and then that idea takes shape. It is more like a solid seed being planted in moist soil, and hence it isn’t easy. A writer’s job is to give people the full-grown tree with fruits, it is her job to take out that tree from the seed, and it is a formidable task.

This book is a collection of thirty-one short stories or some eternal truths. I leave it to you to decipher that because what might be your truth might be someone’s fiction, right?

Most forewords serve as an introduction to a book that you are about to read. I leave you with one sentence.

“You will not regret having bought this book.”

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