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10 things people don't understand about depression

1. It has nothing to do with your circumstances. They might trigger it but it's already there.

2. Losing interest is real. We aren't pretending.

3. The vacuum hurts. You can't compare it to any known pain.


4. It can happen to anyone.

5. We are trying hard to be happy, it just isn't happening.

6. Acceptance is very important. Taunting just worsens the symptoms

7. Anxiety is different than depression and at times we may feel perfectly alright but the big gaping hole is still there.

8. Depression is not just another disease, it is a reason for so many ailments

9. It is treatable. It isn't an inherent trait.

10. Recognising trouble is important. The wide chasm between life and death is just a threads breadth to someone who is at the very edge.

Do not push them over!

I will be taking up each point separately over the next few days. Do stay in touch.

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1 Comment

Oct 11, 2021

Look forward to reading more...

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