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The 2020 Delhi Riots aftermath; A lesson we forgot to remember..

They say if a problem hasn’t reached your doorstep, it doesn’t concern you. The month of February witnessed one of the worst riots ever in some parts of Delhi. Most of us have moved on and now people don’t even want to talk about it anymore. The reason being,

1. It didn’t concern you in the first place or

2. It's too painful a reminder of what things ought not to be.

As a generation, we have chosen to forget rather than sort it out. We have learned to move on. We have chosen to avoid, but does it actually help?

Is it a habit that will eventually turn us into a better human being and the world a better place to live in?

We have taught our kids to stay safe without being able to create a safe world for them. It's like banning plastic without creating a useful alternative to it. How are we going to succeed?

Will the world eventually cure itself of the mess that it is in right now? We are like people living in a dream world, hoping for things to become alright by some magic. We are happy to listen to fairytales from times much better than ours. A huge mistrust of human forms dwells deep within our hearts and we are transferring our insecurities to posterity. Everything is almost okay in our made believe world. We are safe, you and me, and we are friends with those unseen boundaries that none of us is willing to cross. We are happy in our unsorted issues as long as we don’t have to talk about them. We would rather shove them under the carpet and watch a comedy show on Netflix.

It's easier to forget and move on.

Simple physics will tell you that if you don’t remove a thing, it will choose to stay where it is in the first place. Nothing changes by chance and that change needs to be brought about.

The world will not automatically turn into a beautiful and safe place for our children. It will not suddenly become a wonderful place to live in.

There is work to be done, things to be addressed, and the ones that are doing it are very few. They are the people we would rather stay away from. Who wants to be politically misaligned, anyway?

The common notion in my world is to swear by the power of silence until silence becomes deafening.

How do we even realize the power of speech then?

What if we begin by taking a small first step? It is the least that we could do for our children. Maybe it is a tiny candle that will eventually wipe out the darkness from this world. Maybe a small unheard voice is waiting to be heard, waiting to be picked up by a million more until it echoes forth from every nook, corner and alley of the earth and maybe..that voice is yours...!

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