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February 12, 2019

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Fake Likes,Fake Followers on a no more real INSTAGRAM!

September 20, 2017

I began sharing my writings on Instagram last December. I  don't know how it all started ,I guess it was suggested to me by some friends and now having crossed 5k followers in 10 months out of which I was off Instagram for 2 months, I can safely say that I have learned some bits about how social media works.

I started out by posting some of my quotes on photo backgrounds with a caption and relevant hash tags. I also began following people with similar interests. The response was amazing. People loved what I wrote and took the time to comment. I found an amazing community of like-minded writers and poets who wrote beautiful stuff. I liked and commented on their pictures as well. In a month I had gained 500 or more followers and all of them genuine, the ones who would regularly read what I wrote and would wait for my next post. I loved the response as everyone else would. The response was real. There were real people out there, liking my work. They weren't bots!

The first time that I noticed a slight decrease in my engagements and a sudden rise in some of the fellow Instagrammer's followings was around February. By then, I had gained about 2k followers.

Then I noticed a sudden decrease in the likes with each subsequent photo that I shared and by June I was surprised to observe that almost every other person on Instagram had 200 plus like on their pictures. Besides, I had entered a dwindling follower phase. For every 2 followers I gained, I was losing 3 and none of this made sense. Here I was the same person doing all the hard work that I did before and still the likes were diminishing and so was the following! People followed to unfollow me! It was as if my account was being used by some people as a platform to gain followers. I wasn't enjoying Instagram anymore and with each subsequent post that I shared the likes started becoming fewer and fewer.

Social media works in strange ways and so does the psyche of the people using it. It is intensely satisfying to a person using social media to see how much their likes and following have gone up and this is what is being targeted by many agencies who use bots instead of humans to give you likes. Unreal likes actually, for it is just a number under your photo that may make others believe that they are reading or liking some very good stuff which has previously been liked by such a huge number of people and when everyone on a social media has access to this kind of software which gives them a false feeling of celebrity hood, why do you need to like other peoples photos for a like in return? You have the bots doing it for you!

you can easily find out as I did, whether or not these likes were real or fake. Just click on the likes and go through the names once. Most of the names with a long dash or a number like  _ary_231 is likely to be a bot. You can even check their profile, either it is a private profile or there are some vague pictures in their profile and as to why they would like a certain photo doesn't even make sense. Some of these bot followers don't even have a profile page in English and yet they will have liked something written in absolute English!

Now how does it work for the person who uses fake likes? First, using fake likes in the first few minutes after posting a picture gets you a position in the top nine pictures of the hash tag that you have used. Cool, you'd say! Then real people who are using the same hash tags notice your photo in the top nine and like it as well. This might even get you more followers. So the idea behind this strategy is to use fake likes to get real likes!

There are many liking apps easily downloadable on play store and otherwise that can provide you with those fake likes. There are more. In case you do not want to use the like for like or follow for follow fake app that likes pictures on your behalf because it might end up liking some highly inappropriate content, you could use the two accounts and coin method, where you gain coins using one account and then use those coins to buy fake likes and followers on your genuine account.

Again if you want to know whether a certain person you know is buying followers just go through their followers list once and see if the followers look reasonable to you or from another planet!

Coming to the comments part now, how many of you have been plagued by the 'love this'', cool' a heart❤️comment or just an emoji on your post? Do not bother to reply. It is bot generated..

Hundreds and thousands of instagrammers are using these bots to generate seemingly cool comments on the hashtags that they are using for a certain picture that they upload.The idea is to target the audience using the same hashtags on pictures as theirs and in a way capture their interest or to get a real person to comment back on their photo.Sounds weird,Doesn't it?

I am surprised how many people that write, paint or do really amazing stuff have been dragged into this senseless race..!

For the last few weeks that I have been back on Instagram, during which I lost a thousand followers, I usually get between a hundred and a hundred and fifty likes on each picture that I share and all from real people, some amazing people that I can never exchange for with bots. I respect the people who take time to comment and like my posts and at the end of the day isn't it deeply satisfying to know that those are real people out there who admire your work? They aren't bots!


I mean who we are fooling anyway!


                                                                                    Dr Henana Berjes.


Your opinion matters.Please comment below.









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