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The Thread of Grief

February 12, 2019

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Shah Faisal and the Political Gimmick

January 11, 2019



In 2016, the political fiasco following Burhan wani's death generated enough heat for a decade of politicians to warm their hands upon and while it simmered down over the years, the flames never really died.

We found blatant references to the episode in many speeches for the effect it would cause rather than for the reason it had happened.

Politicians will always thrive upon what must not be tasted but then that's exactly how it works, because it doesn't need to work at all.

Let the Kashmir issue stay hanging till an eternity by a thread that's neither too strong nor too fragile. It's simply there as a remembrance of what could have been if the 1972 Simla agreement hadn't turned out the way it did but all this is just another re memory.

The Kashmir issue is a sizzling inferno that somehow never finds the correct moment to erupt. It can never become Syria for reasons well known to all Kashmiris and vaguely understood to others.

Enter Shah Faisal in all this imbroglio with a face that promises reform and a speech that should sound like Martin Luther King's 'I have a dream'

The Kashmiris seem to have taken it to heart that this time a Savior has arrived.

Decades of faux promises have somehow made us vulnerable to any new word that sounds like reform.We try to find meaning where there might be none. It isn't something that we should be blamed for. These are the ramifications of years of living in turmoil.

But how strong is the new reformist if he wears the garb that people have worn before him?How powerful is his agenda that sits on no foundation at all? Are we ready to be hurled towards another blank promise or are we smart enough in our judgement now? The debate happening over social media is real and it's pretty serious. Kashmiris mean business this time. We aren't prepared for another long jump into darkness. It's time that the lamp shines bright and we promise to hold it high.

But, someone needs to light that lamp first.




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